That’s Mrs. Mississippi To You

Mrs-Mississippi-2013 - Sagen-GunnoeWe’d like to introduce you all to the lovely Sagen Gunnoe, BSc. Sagen is currently completing her studies for Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Mississippi State University, Married to a US Air Force Officer – and the reigning Mrs. Mississippi America, 2013!

Sagen competed in the nationally televised 2013 Mrs. America Pageant with all the requisite grace, talent, mindfulness, personality, strength and beauty…and we are thrilled to say, chose to wear Crystal Countess jewels while doing so! Sagen was diagnosed with severe Scoliosis 15 years ago (something that could have left her unable to walk) and has succeeded in conquering many difficulties from bullying at school and self image trauma to intense surgery and six months of recovery…to this. Her next plateau is to complete her DVM degree, further her studies into Neurosurgery and work with families and their animals in her community. “I entered the Mrs. Mississippi pageant with absolutely no intention of winning (I mean heck– I wore hot pink!), because I’m at a place in my life where it just isn’t about the crown anymore—it’s about SO much more.” Sagen is also focused on educating young women about the importance of loving yourself, others, and following your dreams – no matter what obstacles may stand in your way.

Thank you, Sagen and heartfelt congratulations on your achievements. We know you will continue to inspire others with your positive example.

Nikki Chin at the Entertainer Of The Year Pageant in KentuckyMeanwhile…across the Bowling Green, at the National Entertainer Of The Year Pageant in Kentucky, the fabulous and dynamic Nikki Chin was burning up the stage in bright colours, big hair and a stunning set of Crystal Countess accessories!

Nikki calls Toronto (Ontario) home and performs as an Artist, Dancer, Actor…and, oh yes, a Professional Female Impersonator!

Thanks go to Nikki for the support & awareness she brings to her community – and for helping spread the word that ‘Bling is the Thing’!

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