How to care for your electroplated jewellery:

The Electroplating process deposits the surface metal in a very thin layer over the base metal pieces that hold the jewellery together. The plating is covering up the construction metals of brass and copper, as well as solder and welding joints.

If the plating is not cared for diligently, it will either become very dull, or wear off and expose the underlying support metals.

The worst “enemy” of electroplated jewellery is acid and perspiration that is exuded from our bodies; a natural and daily occurrence. Another problem are the waxes, perfumes and lotions in the cosmetics/soaps/etc. we may use on our skin. Of course no two people are the same in this respect!

Jewellery that is worn frequently may wear the electroplating more quickly just from the regularity of use.

Electroplating can be replaced in a relatively inexpensive re-plating process, but there are a few things you can do as an owner to lengthen the life of your electroplated metal:

  1. Rinse it in warm water after each wearing to remove body oils, perspiration, cosmetic or airborne contents that may have been deposited on the jewelry. If these substances remain on the jewellery, they may continue to interact – even after taking the jewelry off – and very quickly eat away at the plating. This could dull the plating very quickly or even destroy it completely. In addition to warm water and a gentle dish-washing soap, you may use an extra soft toothbrush to gently dislodge stubborn deposits from the plated metal.
  2. Dry your jewellery overnight, crystal side down, on an absorbent towel. This will allow the water to drain out of the cup settings. After it is all dry, you may polish the crystal with a lint-free cloth and put it away in its box where it will not get bumped around and scratched.
  3. If you notice that your plating has lost it’s shine and is dull, there really isn’t much you can do about it – this happens with much use and age of the jewellery. It could also be the result of a a body pH that leans to the acidic. You may opt for re-plating at this time. Do not use a metal polishing product like “Silvo” or other paste-like polishing medium; this will only put more chemical material on the plating that may cause it to rub off, making it dull instead of “bringing back that shine”.