workbench-02All Greenwood Design® works are Designed and Hand Crafted by Master Craftsman, Bryan Greenwood on the premises in his private studio in rural Ontario, Canada. Every piece is an individual work of art – designed “on the bench” at the hands of the artist. No two pieces are ever exactly alike; with variances in design, crystal shape/shine/colour, final finishes…the only thing they all have in common is the ability to turn heads!

Using only the finest jewellery crystal that can be found supplied by Swarovski® (Austria) and Preciosa® (Czech Rep.), Mr. Greenwood uses not just new, but rare Vintage stones that add an extra glimmer of majesty to his already beautiful work. All base metals are carefully selected for their strength and flexibility, as well as their fittings.

Unlike some design houses, we believe that, like people, beauty on the inside is as important as beauty on the outside! To that end, we put just as much care into the back of any piece as we do on the front – after all, the back is the foundation that hold everything together! We make sure that all welds, links, clips and closures are perfectly matched and finished before electroplating in Gold, Rhodium (Silver) or Gunmetal (Nickel) finishes.

Finally, all pieces are “signed” with our signature logo to denote the fact that the piece has indeed passed our quality tests and is ready to take you into the spotlight!