Bryan Greenwood - Master Designer, Greenwood Design®Greenwood Design is about creating fine, collectible, heirloom jewellery for a discerning customer who appreciates the craftsmanship of a true Artist and Designer. Every single piece is painstakingly assembled and lovingly crafted; one piece, one setting, one finding, one crystal at a time. It’s a quiet, solitary and concentrated process that occurs in the studio of the creator, located in the inspirational and nurturing countryside of Caledon, Ontario Canada.

Bryan Greenwood has a life-long and comprehensive history in The Arts. Actor, Musician, Singer, Producer, Dancer, Choreographer, Cabaret Entertainer, Teacher, Visual Artist, Clothing/Costume Designer…and now Jeweller. He attended the Theatre Technical Production program and the Dance Ed. Program at Ryerson Polytech (now, Ryerson U.) in Toronto, in the 80’s and then went on in the 90’s to achieve an Honours B.F.A. at York University in Music Composition and Theory. Still very active in show business as a music producer, recording artist and entertainer, Bryan is now exercising his artistic muscles making jewellery. But not just any Jewellery; he uses skills that are difficult to acquire and perfect. There are no courses for what he does and it’s been through a process of apprenticeship, along with trial & error, that he has mastered the art of creating beautiful, quality crystal diamanté designs!

The products are set with the finest jewellery crystal that can be found – supplied by Swarovski® and Preciosa®. Bryan also seeks out and cultivates relationships with wholesalers who warehouse and re-sell vintage Swarovski stones. He is particularly inspired by stone cuts that are no longer made and colours with special top finishes on the crystal; some of which have been out of production for 30 to 50 years. Of very special interest are the vintage stones that were once produced for the jewellery manufacturing shop of the legendary Gustave Sherman – one of Bryan’s biggest inspirations in the diamanté trade. Bryan has also recently started re-creating vintage crystal colours by cultivating a working relationship with a company in Europe that knows how to reproduce the vintage finishes once proffered by Swarovski, onto current-market Swarovski stones.

Bryan & Jeanne Beker

FashionTV icon, Jeanne Beker and her new Crystal Countess Bracelet

Greenwood Design pieces are one-of-a-kind creations. Stones are carefully set one-at-a-time, by hand. Designs are very organic in nature; Bryan rarely “plans” a piece, rather, he just begins by laying settings out on the workbench until he sees the direction that things want to go, and he “runs” with it. Designs that are particularly successful may be repeated, altered slightly and tried again, or used as inspiration for a new design.

Jewels for Gala, Red Carpet, Bridal, Special Occasion…or even for getting the groceries! Anywhere “Bling is the thing” – is the place for fine original jewellery by Greenwood Design!


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